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The Sky Alland Scholarship is a full scholarship awarded to a rising fourth-year student who exemplifies the qualities that helped Sky make his mark not just on the world, but on those around him.

Past Winners

Former scholarship winners in March 2019

Past Sky Alland winners in 2019

Past scholarship winners joined the 2019 Selection Weekend Rotunda Dinner to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Sky Alland Scholarship.

Front row (left to right): Lytle W. Smith (2003), Amanda Eisel (2000), Cara C. Brown (2001), Faby Chaillo (2016), Tyler Boles (2007)
Second row (left to right):  Caroline Herre (2015), Scott Rosen (2009), Stephen Reis (2002), Alex Boyajian (2008)
Third row (left to right): Kate McGinn (2018), Tony Li (2012), Allie Griswold (2014), Malcolm Stewart (2017), Justin Winthers (1994)
Fourth row (left to right):  Terra Weirich Blodnikar (1999), Austin Root (1998)
Back row (left to right):  Daisy Lundy Lovelace (2004), Stephen Lovett (1997)