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The Sky Alland Scholarship is a full scholarship awarded to a rising fourth-year student who exemplifies the qualities that helped Sky make his mark not just on the world, but on those around him.


Enterprising Spirit

This quality is characterized by a “can-do” attitude, a bias for action. This is a person who sees a need, a challenge, or an opportunity and finds a way to meet it.


Characterized by having vision and inspiring and enrolling others to make that vision reality. It multiplies the power of one.


Demonstrated by translating significant goals to action, and further, to results, in some area the candidate feels is important.


Characterized by caring deeply about the good that is done and appreciating the collective contributions of the people who made a difference, with a modest view of self-importance.

Devotion to the University

Having a personal and passionate commitment to some aspect of University life, leaving the University a better place for having attended.