About Us

J. Schuyler “Sky” Alland

Sky Alland graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce in 1979. He soon landed a job at one of America’s premier companies. In no time at all, he had a nice office. A good salary. A bunch of nice suits. And a bright future.

Sky Alland

Sky Alland

But in 1983, armed with nothing more than guts and a good idea, Sky left it all behind to start his own business. First, he convinced local auto dealers their best source of future buyers were satisfied former customers. Then he explained how his crack telemarketing staff would give every customer a follow-up survey, which the auto dealers could use to make sure no one left their showrooms or service bays unhappy.

A few dealers decided to give it a try. So Sky went home to his apartment. He sat down alone at his dining room table. He picked up the phone. And the “crack telemarketing staff” went to work.

By 1992, Sky Alland Marketing had a staff of 140, annual revenues of over ten million dollars, and a reputation as a pioneer in the field of customer relationship management. That year, just months before he was to be married, Sky became the victim of a senseless murder.

In response, those who knew and loved Sky established the Sky Alland Scholarship as a way to celebrate his spirit, honor his character and commemorate his love for the University of Virginia.

The Scholarship

The Sky Alland Scholarship is awarded to a rising fourth-year student who exemplifies the five qualities that helped Sky make his mark not just on the world, but on those around him:

Leadership, Achievement, Enterprising Spirit, Humility and Devotion to the University

All faculty, administrators, staff and students are invited to nominate candidates for the scholarship. A committee of 4th year student representatives reviews the nominees and recommends finalists.

On the first weekend in April, the Sky Alland Scholarship Award Selection Committee convenes at the University to interview the finalists and select a winner. The award is a full scholarship.